29, Nov, 2021

Helder Costa Player Profile

Helder Costa looks increasingly likely to sign for Leeds United in this upcoming week, so this player profile is designed to give you all an understanding of who he is, what kind of a player he is and how he will fit into Bielsa’s side.

Who He Is: Helder Costa is a 25-year-old Portuguese winger who has played three seasons in England at Wolves, two in the Championship and one in the Premier League. Costa fell out of favour at Wolves after a tactical switch saw the wingers become redundant, This has led to him not seeing much game time in the premier league with only 16 starts which has meant he’s been allowed to go out on loan. So his stats in the premier league as a result of that are quite unimpressive, but his stats from his championship seasons give us a much better look into the player Leeds will be getting.

Playing Style: He is primarily a right winger but can also play on the left wing as shown by the fact almost half of his championship appearances in the 17/18 season were on the left. Helder Costa is a very skilful winger and his dribbling is one of his major strengths. In the two seasons he played in the championship he averaged 1.68 successful take-ons per game which is much higher than Hernandez or Clarke and is over double Harrison’s. This shows he is a very direct player who isn’t afraid to run with the ball and take his man on. Costa will certainly add a lot of creativity to a Leeds United squad who are perhaps lacking in that department. As a left-footer Costa likes to play very wide initially and drift inside but is also very effective at driving to the byline then getting a cross in. In the championship he averaged 3.77 crosses a game, this will certainly be a big part of his game at Leeds as crossing and low crosses from the byline are a huge aspect of Leeds United’s tactics. Costa is also extremely quick and has the ability to run with the ball at that same speed, His explosive runs with the ball were almost a trademark during his time at Wolves and if you’ve watched any of his highlight videos you will see what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIV3_mrbXII This small clip is a great example of his speed, dribbling and direct style of play. Costa’s creativity will be a key addition to the whites squad as we were overly reliant on Hernandez this season and Costa is a type of player that can create a chance out of nothing. In two seasons in the Championship he created 18 big chances which on average is 9 a season which would have equalled the second most in the Leeds Squad last season. Costa is also a real danger from outside the box and has a very good long shot which is sometimes the exact remedy Leeds have needed this season when teams parked the bus.

How He Will Fit Into Bielsa’s Leeds: For the most part of last season we saw Harrison or Alioski on the left wing and Hernandez or Clarke on the right. With Jack Clarke all but confirmed to be leaving in this next week we need another quality winger and Costa is definitely an upgrade as he is a more complete player. If Costa starts for Leeds I believe there are two different line ups Bielsa will have in mind. Costa can either start on the right freeing Hernandez to play the No.10 role in the middle which will allow him to affect the game more, or, play him on the left instead of Harrison which I expect to see a lot as Bielsa prefers to play left footers on the left and right footers on the right. However, Hernandez is 34 years old now and he carried us in attack last season so Costa being able to play on both wings is amazing for us an adds real depth and will take some of the creative strain off Pablo this season. The two lineups i expect to see most often this season look like this.

Concerns: Helder Costa missed a total of 19 games across the 16/17 season and the 17/18 season, a total of 171 days. This was because of an ankle injury and Costa had to undergo surgery, Since the injury he has amassed 6 goals and 8 assists in 61 matches for wolves which is a little off-putting. However, his growth as a player was majorly stunted by the tactical change Wolves had in the Premier League so his drop off in output could also be due to that. Personally, I think we will get the Helder Costa who had an amazing season in 16/17 due to the fact the style of football will suit him as most of it is played on the attack and in the oppositions half. He also will want to prove he can still perform and will be hungry to play after not getting that many minutes last season.

Please comment and give me your thoughts on Costa and how you think he will perform in a Leeds shirt.

By TheYoungPeacock, Thanks for reading.

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