26, Sep, 2022

Ian-Carlo Poveda Player Profile

Background: Ian-Carlo Poveda’s journey has seen him go from Arsenal to Barcelona then Manchester City via Brentford. He has also represented England at various youth levels including the UEFA U19 Championships. He has not made his mark on senior football yet apart from a carabao cup game for the sky blues. In youth football he has been very well regarded and as the list of teams he’s been with shows, He has always had potential. Now it’s time for him to make his transition into senior football and make his mark.

Style Of Play: The five foot five dynamic attacker is an eye-catching winger who is an explosive dribbler. Poveda is a left-footed right-winger which gives him the ability to cut inside and drive toward the box. His tiny frame gives him a low centre of gravity which he uses to his advantage. When he is running at full speed his change of direction is mesmerizing and confuses opposition players. This leaves them completely flat-footed and beaten. He is always in control of the ball, even when it looks like he will lose the ball, then right at the last moment he will pull the ball back and leave his man for dead.

His dribbling is by far his best attribute and he likes to show it off. In the various youth league’s he has played in he averages a massive 14.1 dribbles a game. Costa and Harrison average 6.71 and 5.41 a game for comparison. Admittedly this number is probably inflated by the level of opposition but with a success rate of 52.1% this is still very impressive. He still has a long way to come with his final product but has shown the ability is there. If anyone is going to unlock Poveda’s that then it will be Bielsa. Even though he is primarily a right-winger he also can play out on the left and is also very capable with his right foot. This gives him the ability to dribble like he does as the defender cannot predict what he will do. The technical ability he possesses put with his lightning-quick decision making makes him the player he is. When he is on the pitch you will notice. He has that ability to make you get off your seat and take notice.

Forecast For The Future: Bielsa has an illustrious history of improving players and kick-starting their careers. Poveda under the guidance of Bielsa could be the perfect combination. He has signed a four and a half year deal with Leeds United. In these four year’s he has the potential to become a real star in an attacking team. I don’t expect anything in the near future but, off the bench over the next year he will prove a very useful weapon. However, after a couple of seasons, I think we will look back on this deal as a real coup and an amazing bit of business.

Data from @Wyscout. Gif from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPq62JqowHE&t=149s

Thanks for reading, Written by TheYoungPeacock

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