26, Sep, 2022

Jean-Kevin Augustin Player Profile

Jean-Kevin Augustin looks to be heading to Leeds United in the coming days. This in-depth player profile is designed to give you all an understanding of who he is and what kind of a player he is. As well as how he will fit into Bielsa’s Leeds United side.

Who He Is: Augustin is a French striker from Red Bull Leipzig on loan currently at Monaco. He came through PSG’s academy and was later sold for €16.00m to Red Bull Leipzig in 2017. Then he had his best season to date in the 2017/18 season. He netted 9 goals in 1270 minutes for the German side, averaging a goal every 141 minutes. Considering the top three scoring strikers in the Championship, Mitrovic, Watkins and Grabban, average a goal every 140, 150 and 159 minutes respectively. He’s already rivalling the top striker’s in the division. If he can average that in the German top-flight then who knows what’s in store for him in the Championship…

Style Of Play: Below are two graphics comparing Augustin’s 17/18 season with Bamford’s current season stats. We are using his 17/18 season stats as that was the last time he played over 20 games in a league season, so it fairly represents him.

The graphic (above left) shows his overall shooting and attacking play. Augustin is a much more efficient and clinical striker than Bamford. He has a better shots on target ratio as well as a way greater goal conversion rate prooving this. He also outperformed his expected goals by just over two goals that season which is shown in his xG performance above. Bamford does, however, beat Jean-Kevin in touches in box, shots and non-penalty xG. This is mainly because of how Leeds play and facilitate Bamford. So expect Augustin’s numbers in those three areas to improve once in Bielsa’s team.

Augustin is also a very skilled dribbler, as shown in both graphs. The graphs above show he completes many more successful dribble’s than Bamford and making loads more progressive runs. This showcases his ability with the ball at his feet. Along with his explosive pace, this makes him a real threat in transition and when running at defenders.

How He Will Fit Into Bielsa’s Leeds: He will be Bamford’s direct competition. Playing as a lone striker. This means he will have to hold up the ball and have good link-up play with other players. Augustin will also have to work very hard out of possession when pressing the opponent. The graph above showing build-up play and creativity clearly show’s nearly everything Bamford does, he can do, if not better. The goal build-up stat shows Augustin is involved in his teams best moves leading to goals and can link up play effectively.

This graphic shows Augustin is just as effective off the ball as his Leeds counterpart. This is quite impressive considering how much Bamford’s off the ball work is praised. The Frenchman has a far better tackle success rate as well as averaging more tackles and interceptions per game. These numbers can only increase in Bielsa’s high pressing system too. You can see why Orta and Bielsa are looking at him as he can do everything Bamford can. But better. One thing he doesn’t help us with however is aerial presence. As you can see he has a far worse aerial duels won percentage. Augustin is 5’10 while Bamford is 6’1. So the number of crosses we put high into the box will probably still be met with no one. But, his pace and movement will aid him in being far more effective with getting across his man for those low crosses tapped into the net.

Overall I think Augustin will be a terrific signing and a difference-maker in the league. His higher quality will shine through and Jean-Kevin plus Bielsa could be the perfect match. It will probably take a few games before he starts. To get him match fit as he’s only played 90 minutes once in the last month. So expect him not to start for a few games. When he does get the nod ahead of Bamford I think it will stay that way for the rest of the season. He is far more deadly and has much much more potential.

Thanks to @insightMrkt for the graphics used in this article.

Written by TheYoungPeacock, Thanks for reading.

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